Benefits of Belonging

A few benefits of a Family Support Group


· Parents and caregivers enjoy a well-deserved relaxing evening every Thursday.  With the freedom to express the dynamics as special parents, we learn and share our commonality within the world of Special Needs.  REACH-IN is an excellent source for emotional, mental, and spiritual support.  

· Hear parents, caregivers and special guest speakers as they share valuable experience, and obtain ideas for addressing challenging issues.

· Previous Guest Speakers

· (A.S.K.) About Special Kids

· RAUCH, Inc.

· LifeSpan

· Meaningful Day Services

· (BDDS) Bureau of Departmental Disabilities Services

· Foundation for Bio-Medical Resources

· Jordana Van, Holistic Chef

         ….and many more.


· Disability Related Resources


· Free pizza for the adults on the 3rd Thursday of the month


· Holiday/Occasion pitch-in dinners


· Medicaid Waiver Assistance:  Bi-annually families will receive help from professionals for understanding and applying for services their child may be eligible for.


· Family—a group ideally consisting of parents and children living together in a household.


· Unit—a person regarded as single and complete, esp. for the purposes of calculation: "the family unit".


· Support—bear all or part of the weight; hold up.