We cannot say enough about these kids!

Consisting primarily children diagnosed on the Autism Spectrum (ASD), our arms are open to all God’s Special Kids facing intellectual and developmental challenges. 

Ages range 5-13yrs.

On a weekly average are childcare team cares for 10-12 children and their siblings.


Qualified Childcare Assistance

· Group facilitators participate in a bi-annual training workshop led by professional family and group counselors under the direction of the Northside Support Group Ministries Team.

· Childcare workers attend bi-annual training workshops learning specific needs for children affected by over-stimulation to sound and touch, triggered meltdowns, watch for key indicators/signals for needs and/or discomforts of non-verbal children.

· Continuing Education—A 2011 graduate from Spalding University, with a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology, Tracy Jo Brown continues to educate herself attending the Son-Rise® Training Programs at The Autism Treatment Center of America in Sheffield, Massachusetts.  http://www.autismtreatmentcenter.org/

Benefits to the kids

· Each week kids anticipate seeing their friends in a structured child-friendly environment. 

· Siblings build relationships with peers who understand the demands and stresses of  living with a brother or sister with special needs and challenges.

· Indoor Playground.

· Group activities, movies, and games.

· Fresh fruits/organic chips/raisins/100% juice boxes.

Future Goals for REACH-Kids

· Ideas for improving communication skills and activity structure in the REACH-Kids room are in discussion.  For example, The Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS), may be used to communicate bathroom or other needs and requests.

              bananas,dining,dishes,food,fruit bowls,fruits,grapes,households,housewares,oranges,pineapples               A fruit juice box                   

Bathroom             Snack               Juice Box                 Chips